Zahir Khudayarov

Name: Zahir Khudayarov

Born: Azerbaijan

Speciality:  Powerlifting

Top Lifts: 

Squat:               450 kg (GPA World Championships, Australia 2014)
Bench Press:    280 kg (Poland Benchpress League 2014)
Deadlift:           382,5 kg (WPC World Championships, Finland 2008)
Total:                1030 kg (GPA World Championships, Australia 2014)

How did you get started in the sport?

Always played sport during younger ages.  Powerlifing since before 2003 and became Azerbaijan champion many times then until 2013. Met my wife Anna and have moved now to Finland. We run personal training business for powerlifting there in our gym.

Proudest Sporting Achievement?

I have many for powerlifting:

Overall European champion (2010) and world champion title winner (2010, 2011) and 100 kg class.

  • European deadlift record in raw deadlift – 382.5 kg (2008)
  • 100 kg class European squat record  - 390 kg (2011)
  • 100 kg class European squat record  - 400 kg and total - 1000 kg (2013)
  • 125kg class All-time World Record in squat - 450 kg (2014)

What are your competetive goals in the next 5 years?

Everyone knows Im coming for all time official 500 kg raw squat in competition. I squat it in the gym already and it is mine.

Why choose Harris?

Quality. And service, they send me everything from Australia to me and Anna for support here by Finland with us and our KP Gym Team. I always use my 13mm Orange Black belt in competition.