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Our new COMP MAX knee sleeves are the ultimate knee sleeves for elite-level athletes and serious competitors. These sleeves have been designed with one purpose in mind: to provide the highest level of support, stability, and performance for those who demand the very best.

These knee sleeves are crafted from a proprietary ultra-dense stiff neoprene matrix, optimized for maximum power and strength, making them the STIFFEST and STRONGEST 7mm knee sleeves on the market. Virtually indestructible and built to withstand the rigors of even the most demanding training regimens; lay waste to your squat records!!

Featuring an ultra-stiff construction, COMP MAX offer unparalleled compression and support, ensuring that your knees are protected from injury and that your lifts are optimised for maximum power and strength. The sleeves are meticulously constructed with attention to detail, resulting in a seamless fit. The highly durable lining fabric also offers superior grip, helping to keep the sleeves in place during even the most intense movements.

With their unrelenting stiffness, COMP MAX are not for the faint of heart. These knee sleeves are designed for serious lifters who demand the very best in performance and protection. If you're looking for the ultimate in knee sleeve technology, look no further than COMP MAX – the stiffest knee sleeves ever made!

  • Proprietary ultra-dense stiff neoprene matrix

  • 7mm thickness

  • 30cm in length

  • Quality welded seam closure, using specialised epoxy glue as well as dual heavy duty row stitching

  • Sold as a pair (2)


33cm - 35cm
36cm - 38cm
39cm - 41cm
42cm - 44cm
45cm - 47cm
48cm - 50cm
How To Choose What Size Harris COMP MAX Knee Sleeves You Need?

Measure Your Knee Circumference

With a straight leg, use a flexible measuring tape to determine the circumference of your knee at its widest point. Ensure the measuring tape fits snugly.

Determine Your Size

Harris COMP MAX Knee Sleeves are available in various sizes, ranging from small to 3XL. Refer to the size chart to find the suitable size based on your knee circumference measurement. Select the size that aligns with your measurements best, ideally within the OPTIMAL fit range.

Consider Your Preference

Harris Comp Max Knee Sleeves provide a STIFF and VERRY TIGHT fit due to the proprietary ultra-dense neoprene matrix. Be aware that even if your measurement falls within the OPTIMAL rang the sleeves will still be very hard to get on and off.

Please also consider when choosing your size these four things:

  1. If your calf is bigger than your knee joint make sure the size you choice has a maximum size equal to or bigger than your calf. Otherwise when fitting you won’t get the sleeve on over your calf.

  2. If you have larger then normal quads you may need to size up to accommodate the extra muscle mass.

  3. When you are training or competing in the knee sleeves your muscles will swell with blood and can make it more difficult to take them off.

  4. If you prefer a slightly looser fit, you can opt for a size up.

  5. If in between two sizes or just in doubt it is advised to allways size up.

Maximum Performance

If you are chasing the tightest fit possible and maximum compression, we suggest not sizing down past the maximum tightest fit of a chosen size. Please also note if you are wearing these sleeves too tight and undersize by choice or by acident, this will push the neoprene beyond its capability and there is a chance of the meterial failing. Like any material there are tensile limits. Going beyond this may result in failure, such failure is not covered under warranty as this has resulted from missuse.

Eg. If your measurement is 40cm we suggest you do not try and fit into a size medium with a maximum of 39cm as you will find it extremely hard if not impossible to get them on and you may have little chance to get them off. Also sizing down may result it structural failure. 

Please also note that when using the tightest fit possible for performance you will need help getting the sleeves on and off by an experienced team mate or coach. Not for the faint hearted, you have been warned! Undersizing will void any warranty.

! Warning !

If at any stage you feel that the sleeves are going to be too tight do not proceed. It is your responsibility to follow the recomended guidelines and prioritise your safety.


Fitting Guide

When you get your sleeves try them on

Once you receive your knee sleeves, carefully put them on one leg at a time, remember it is best to become proficient at putting the sleeves on and off before attempting in a lifting environment.

Use the following method to get the sleeves into position:

  1. Ensure that the logo or branding on the sleeve faces forward and the seam is to the rear.

  2. Fold the top of the sleeve inside out onto itself in half. Because the sleeves are so stiff you will only be able to do this a small part at a time, continue until the sleeve is in half.

  3. Put your foot through the sleeve and then pull over the heal of your foot and centre the sleeve again.

  4. Use your fingers to hook under the bottom of the sleeve, between the sleeve and your calf and pull the sleeve up as high as you can so that the top fold of the sleeve reaches just above the centre line of the knee joint.

  5. Gently roll out the top of the sleeve over your quad and even out any creases to get a form fit.

  6. If the knee sleeve isn’t sitting high enough roll back down the top of the sleeve and repeat instructions 4 & 5.

You can further improve on the above fitting instruction by the assistance of the following:

  1. Before putting the sleeve on have a full length deadlift sock on your foot and leg all the way up to your knee. The better fitting the sock is without any creases or wrinkles will make sliding the sleeve up into position easier.

NOTE:The use of lifting straps looped inside the sleeve is not reccomended as this can lead to excessive stress on the neoprene. This will void warranty.

Assess Your Fit

The knee sleeve should fit firm, snugly and offer unparalleled compression around your knee joint and quad. Just like using heavy knee wraps for the first time you can expect a small amount of discomfort depending on the level of tightness and compression you have chosen. It should stay firmly in place without sliding down or bunching up during activity.

Test Functionality

Perform a few movements, such as squats or lunges, to verify that the knee sleeves provide the desired support and stability. Evaluate comfort and performance by paying attention to how the knee sleeves feel during your training or activities.

Remember that individual preferences may vary, and it's important to find the right balance of compression, comfort, and functionality. If you are uncertain about the fit or experience any discomfort, it is recommended to consult the above fitting guidelines or seek assistance from a knowledgeable professional.


Care Instructions

Hand wash only with mild detergent

Air dry only, do not wring out. Drying in direct sunlight will give the best outcome as it will also help with strong odours and enhance freshness

Do not use bleach

Do not dry clean

Do not iron

Do not use clothes dryer






Comp Max Knee Sleeves

Purchased these for an upcoming comp, and can I say they deliver! Hit a sleeved PB in comp. Heed the warnings, and definitely take your time in sizing - these are super stiff, I mean cast-like levels of stiffness. There is a trick to getting them on, and then off again, but worth the effort.

I Love These Sleeves

I am thrilled by the performance of these new Sleeves. It’s my first time in sleeves and I’m lifting 20% more weight in the best form ever

5 stars

Harris have done it again with a well thought and executed product. These sleeves are strong and durable but also soft and supportive. Price and shipping is great too


Love these. Strong but supportive and comfortable. Size guide is very helpful. I took my time to measure properly and was not disappointed.


These knee sleeves are such value for money. The durability is impressive. They are easy to look after and perform time and time again.

So good

I can't say enough good things about these knee sleeves. Theyre giving me great warmth and support for my knees, helping me achieve new PRs in the gym.

So good

I can't say enough good things about these knee sleeves. Theyre giving me great warmth and support for my knees, helping me achieve new PRs in the gym.

Nailed it

Harris Stability Systems has nailed it with these knee sleeves. They provide the ideal balance of compression and flexibility, making them perfect for any type of lifting.

So good!

These sleeves are so good! I’m not sure what else to say. They really do deliver in every way you hope they will.


The price of these sleeves does not reflect the quality and performance ability, in my opinion. I am here for it and you should be too.

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