Choosing the best Harris wrist wraps for you

Author: Harris Stability Systems  

Lately, you have changed your squatting technique. High bar squats have now been replaced with low bar squats, and your wrists are taking a hammering as a result. The bar is beginning to feel less secure on your back as your wrist pain flares up and fights back against the bar position. Or maybe it’s your bench press and overhead work that’s starting to be hampered by instability, and change of direction is throwing out your bar path and reps are getting a little too sketchy. It’s time to start reducing wrist strain, and increasing stability of the bar in your hands.

Flexible and strong wrists are very important when it comes to fitness and exercise. The chances of injury are inevitable while playing any sport or working out; we tend to test our bodies, so there is a fair share of risk involved. Physical exertion allows us to stay fit and healthy, but it also puts different parts of our bodies under stress. It is crucial to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed during the workout to prevent any fatal injury.

There are many safety measures taken by bodybuilders, trainers and weightlifters, but weight lifting wrists wraps are usually considered optional even though they are incredibly useful. The wrists wrap protect the nerves of our body and the small bones in our wrist, which enables us to boost our workout and lift heavier weights.

Wrists wraps are a workout accessory designed to relieve the pressure on our forearms and wrists when we are lifting or moving heavyweights. They can be quickly wrapped around the dumbbell or the bar to elevate grip pressure if the weight is too heavy.

The main thinking behind the idea of wrist wraps is to provide grip support as wrists tend to fatigue faster than other muscle groups during training. Wrists wraps bring in longevity and help us to keep our grip intact for a more powerful workout.

Wrists wraps are gaining popularity as more powerlifters and athletes get to know about their benefits and capabilities. If you wish to find out how to choose the right wrists wraps, then keep on reading.

Understand the purpose of the wrists wraps before buying a set. If your primary goal is to protect wrists while holding a bar, you can choose the ones with hooks attached to them for the most impact. The hooks allow you to quickly secure the barbell, dumbbell or pull up bar to your hands.

Other wrists wrap help in strengthening and supporting muscles to prevent any injuries. Knowing the purpose makes the search easier and gives you a better idea of which wrists wrap is ideal for your needs.

Moreover, one area that we need to be particular about is the size of the wrist wraps. Wrists wraps are to be secured before we begin our workout and remove when the training ends. The fit of the wrists wraps will primarily impact our ability to use it. We need to ensure that we can easily put them using one hand, whether they are adjustable, and if the material is durable.


So what are the best wrist wraps to choose for you and your training?


We offer Australia's largest range of Wrist Wraps, covering everyone from the Heavy support needs of Powerlifting to comfortable reliable support for high-volume Bodybuilding sessions & CrossFit endurance workouts.

Generally, using wrist wrap supports will provide two main benefits:

1) Straightening your wrist joint during the pressing movements better aligns the bar above the force your generating through your elbows near-directly underneath, increasing your movement efficiency and reducing the risk of the bar “drifting” back towards your head during the pressing phase of both bench and overhead press.

2) Decreasing the risk of acute or overuse injuries to your wrist and forearms. This is an often over-looked but hugely important consideration for nearly all of us, from office workers, tradespeople and social media gurus alike. Healing injuries and strains to our wrists are often hampered by the fact we use them 90% of our day in and out of work. Protect your wrists like your job depends on it.

How do we choose the best design for us? Let’s break it down through sports:

For the prep and competition demands of powerlifting, you are likely to want wraps that provide higher levels of stiffness to create a relative “cast-like” feel to both straighten the wrist and immobilise unwanted movement during your lifts. Stable lifts will attract the most white lights, and the bar wants to feel like it’s fused to your shoulder blades before you hear the squat call on your first attempt. Likewise, Your Bench wants to be an extension of your forearms driving up off your chest when you hear “press” from the head ref. And feeling this while using our True Elite 62cm, True Hybrid 62cm and 90cm,  and True Cast 62cm and 90cm Wrist Wraps from the beginning of prep is your surest way of practicing for the demands of the platform on comp day. Equipped lifters highly prize our Signature Buster Bostock 90cm Wrist Wraps. You will not find a denser wrap on the Australian market.

Bodybuilding sessions generate a high-volume workload through the wrist joints, where getting dumbbells and machines in and out of position pose their own risk to acute risk injury, and training through fatigue to failure and beyond can place great pressure through the tendons and bones of the wrist. One area that bodybuilders don’t want to get swole. The versatility and strength of True Raw Wrist Wraps allow them to be cranked tighter as you pyramid up through your working sets, from heavy bicep curls to pressing, and can be loosened with ease after each working set.

Finally, the endurance requirements of Crossfit workouts are catered for with both our True Raw, MK2 and True Female Wrist Wrap range, balancing support with flexibility while allowing sufficient blood flow for the wrist wraps to be worn throughout the entire session.