Adam Wright

Name: Adam Wright

Born: Australian

Speciality:  Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

Top Lifts: 

Squat:​​ 322.5kg

Bench press:​ 185kg

Deadlift:​ 317.5kg

Total:​ 800kg

How did you get started in the sport?

When I was prepping for my first bodybuilding competition, someone posted a comment on my squat video to say I should compete in Powerlifting. The suggestion didn’t leave me at all, so the day after that bodybuilding competition, I went to PTC HQ (birthplace of ProRaw) . A month later I was competing in the GPC Melbourne Cup,  placing 2nd due to bodyweight with a 712.5kg total.

Proudest Sporting Achievement?

So far? Coming second in Australia at the IFBB National Championships in the Novice Division October 2017, and squatting 322.5kg in competition.

What are your competetive goals in the next 5 years?

Two goals for two sports:

  • To be awarded  IFBB Pro League Professional status,
  •  Win my weight class at a ProRaw competition.

Why choose Harris?

Their equipment is far better than anything id used before. I remember, the first time I used their knee sleeves I hit a rep PB on my squat. I used the RECOIL bench press aid and hit 210kg my comp best is 15kg). Effective, reliable equipment.